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our story

When COVID-19 hit our communities in the spring of 2020 our food truck, Taco Truck All Stars, was bracing for the worst, and hoping for the best. In an instant our entire season of events was canceled. While we were not surprised, we knew we had to make changes and adapt to this new era of pandemic caution and safety and seek out opportunities that we would never have been able to do otherwise during our "normal" food truck season.

We were invited down to Randolph, VT to explore the possibility of setting up 3 days a week in a beautiful spot on Route 66 and to add locally raised goat meat from Vermont Chevon LLC, also very much affected by the pandemic, to our menu, assisting them in moving their product while offering the community something unique and supporting a great local farm.

As the summer season progressed we gained a very loyal, and supportive following in the Randolph community. Many of our customers who we saw weekly wanted to know how long we would be serving on the hill and if we had considered moving into a brick and mortar location downtown, expressing that the community was in need of more food options, specifically Mexican. 

About a month and a half prior to finishing up service on Route 66 we were approached by a local landlord to see if we might be interested in a restaurant space soon becoming available. So we jumped on it. There were so many signs which led us to the decision to secure a brick and mortar, mostly our CUSTOMERS.

We have been truly humbled by the outpouring of support we have been shown, which made our decision easy. So here we are, Tacocat Cantina!      

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